Connecting Northern Ontario Through Innovative Business Services

About Kap Data

Kap Data brings together marketing, communications, and other specialists and puts them to work on your projects. We partner with reliable professionals in the region from a wide range of disciplines including administration assistants, photographers, graphic designers, web designers, custom software programmers, marketing and communications writers, translators, print shops, Xerox service technicians, video production, staging companies, and more. We put together the precise team you need to meet your marketing, communications, and office needs.

Kap Data

We all love living and working in Northern Ontario. For Karyn Loree-Spacek, who was born in Kapuskasing, the region is not just beautiful; it is also a source of strength, inspiration, and purpose.

If there’s a downside, it’s that geographic barriers can be a drain on communications, interconnectivity, and ultimately our economic growth. Kap Data and Systems, Ltd. was founded in 1983 by Miro and Marthe Spacek, to help connect people, businesses small and large, non-profit organizations, and communities including First Nations along the Highway 11 corridor and north to the James Bay coast. As an authorized Xerox solutions provider, Kap Data’s goal is to help make it easier for everyone to grow and share together using world-leading enterprise solutions for business process and document management.

Karyn sold her first Amiga computer for Kap Data when she was just 15 years old, but she officially joined her parents in 1996 and bought the company in 2011 when they retired. Creative synergy is the key goal in Karyn’s business development strategy to build a stronger Northern Ontario. She has cultivated a broad network of business professionals throughout the region which she shares with her clients.

Each day, my goal is to improve someone's life in some way, ” she said. “How can I connect people? Can I provide a service? Can I offer a favour? Can I lend a hand? If more people know what others are doing in our neighbouring communities, then we can start working together and sharing resources, ideas, and opportunities.

Kap Data is your professional partner to provide innovative solutions, a network of professionals, and business insights to help you overcome barriers to become a thriving business in Northern Ontario.

Mission Statement

To provide innovative office solutions to people across Northern Ontario with the highest level of service, professionalism, and integrity.

Karyn Loree-Spacek

Karyn was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario and, except for a seven-year corporate stint in Toronto, she is a lifelong northerner. Karyn joined family-owned Kap Data and Systems, Ltd. (Kap Data) in Kapuskasing in 1996 and bought the company in 2011. She has won many awards from Xerox for her dedication to providing service and solutions to businesses across Northern Ontario, and won an Influential Women of Northern Ontario Award.

Karyn is a bilingual business professional with a profound depth of experience in sales and sales leadership at the executive level, consulting, communication planning and marketing, and as a creative director for website development and design. She also has extensive public and community service experience. Karyn was elected to Kapuskasing Town Council, serving from 2000 to 2003, and chaired several community boards including the Kapuskasing Chamber of Commerce and the Grand-Nord Legal Clinic.

For Karyn, life is a series of unfolding lessons and opportunities in the progressive stages of our journey. She manifests the wisdom gleaned from all of her past experience in her continual and continuing project of empowering small businesses and organizations across Northern Ontario.

Today, Karyn still enjoys all the North can offer with her husband and their two sons – the core of her world and being.

Karyn Loree-Spacek and family

Why Kap Data?

It usually doesn’t make financial sense for small businesses and organizations to do all of their marketing, communications, and other office management activities in-house. Even if you do have someone in charge of these areas, they sometimes don’t have the specialized skills needed for every task or project. Kap Data provides all the services you need, when you need them. Plus, you only pay for actual work hours: no salaries, no benefits, no sick days or holidays. Kap Data offers specialized business services flexible to your needs and budget, freeing you up to focus on your core business.

We work with everyone from driven business owners to busy executive directors of non-profit organizations with tight budgets. We help clients who struggle to accomplish everything they want to accomplish. The clients we work with understand the value of a strong team and are ready to delegate their extra marketing, communications, and business projects to experts in their fields. We pull together a professional team that will get your project done for effective, professional results.

The key advantage that Kap Data offers to clients is that we are familiar not only with the geography of the North, but the languages and unique communities that we serve across the region. We’ve helped business and other organizational clients across Northern Ontario since 1983. We can help you too. Contact us to start getting your project moving forward today.