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A Pilot Project to Match Students with Employment, Co-op Positions and Volunteer Opportunities - Cochrane, Ontario

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“You only need to know the direction, not the destination. The direction is enough to make the next choice.”

— James Clear

PATH Pilot Project Overview

Businesses and organizations report that they are having difficulties finding qualified applicants. Meanwhile, students report that they don’t know enough about what jobs or volunteer opportunities are available. The result: too many positions are going unfilled, and too many students do not find the right job or placement for them.

The PATH Pilot Project is a new method to match students with employment, co-op positions, and volunteer opportunities available in the community.

Survey-based Approach Takes New Tack to Finding Jobs and Applicants

The survey-based approach allows students to answer questions about their interests rather than questions about what type of job they are looking for – as frequently this is something they may not even know.

The 130+ question survey asks a series of specific and pre-qualifying questions - such as:                                                                                        

  • Their preference to working indoors vs. outdoors
  • Whether they like activities such as reading and working with children
  • Special qualifications they may have such as a licences, certifications, training

Businesses and organizations meanwhile answer mirror questions about the type of candidates they are looking for. Students receive a list of potential jobs, co-op positions, and volunteer opportunities based on how closely their interests match the needs of the position available. This will allow students to explore potential opportunities they may not have considered or been aware of before and, in turn, businesses and organizations will receive more applications from pre-screened candidates.

Who PATH Helps - Elevator Pitches

The K-PITCH (kids-to-kids):

“You don’t need to decide what you’re going to do for the rest of your life.  Just pick something and start exploring options.”

The C-PITCH (to communities):

“We have jobs to fill and a difficult time finding the labour force.  We have kids here and now looking for ideas and options.”

The B-PITCH (to businesses and organizations):

“Kids don’t know what jobs exist right now and what they need to do to get onto a path to join your team and participate successfully in your environment.”

The I-PITCH (to investors):

“This platform matches jobs, volunteer options, co-op opportunities and internship positions to/with students.  It changes the way job searches and postings are currently being managed.”

The A-PITCH (to advertisers):

“You need access to this market, and we need to provide positive and motivational messaging.  You will reach students through public service announcements designed to persuade them to engage in behaviours that actively promote healthy behaviours and good citizenship.”

The E-PITCH (to education):

“Kids don’t know what they want to be when they grow up.  We need to help better-direct their decisions to post-secondary education, training, certification and skill advancement.  You need to have students who are committed to their continuing education and long-term development with confidence.”

The P-PITCH (to parents and guardians):

“This is a resource to help the kids learn about all the options that are available to them for a job/career path.  It matches their skills with real opportunities while they are discovering what path they want to follow for education, community-involvement, employment and ultimately, entry into the workforce after graduation.”

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For more information, please Contact Karyn Loree-Spacek.